The Gifts That Glue These Friends Together

Hey, you’re going to spend some serious money buying these presents this year (How much does your family still need?). Why not give your pals a surprise when they give you one of these gift ideas?

THE WORLD’S LOVESTOCK: A souvenir from the most expensive place you’ve ever been — and find a handmade scented candle that smells like it.

LUST IT UP: Enter that hot item that every woman needs, whether she’s a yogi or practicing clothes horse and wants to up her blouse game to match her beautiful skin tone.

SOUL MIXTER: Wear the vibes of 2018 as one of a collection of lip, face and hair powder blends. Each color hue comes with bonus shades of vibrantly vibrant liquid lipsticks, full-size mascaras, shimmers, and foundation to add a little sparkle to your whole look.

KIKKEN IS CONSIDERED THE SUBWAY OF NAILS: Visit the windows of specialty nail bars — or head to your favorite spot for manicures, whose prices are on par with the chic salons down the street.

THE GRUMPY DOCTOR: See your parents’ smiling faces come alive through their grandkids’ eyes. These hilarious and proud medics reflect your loved ones — and bring you great laughs (though a little acerbic edge might be helpful sometimes).

LIFE’S SMALL IS BEST: Chances are they live their best life in Italy. Whether you head to Rome for a little history, the beaches of Naples, or a spooky valley teeming with grizzled locals, they’ll enjoy a new life of easygoing calmness.

EUROS FOR LESS: She’s already got the best thing around. Why not cut your own from the farm near home, or if you’re savvy enough, pass on that balsamic vinegar on her next plate?

CLAN RAIL WASH: Exploring an area she’s excited to check out is always a good time, especially if she’s an Instagram devotee.

SHOP YOUR SOUNDS: Which of those little vinyl gifts she’s bought has served her well, since the original was stored in a heavy wooden box? Now that keepsake is no longer in storage and is a space-saver in her bedroom.

AND A TASTE OF SOUTH SIDE: Help her be the envy of her Italian mother, by doing the things that make her smile. A sweet gift is always appreciated.

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