Black Friday 2017 offers: Which toys will be hot this year?

Families looking to buy a new toy for their child don’t have to sit outside in the cold in search of the best bargains. Online retailers like Amazon, Toys R Us and Walmart all stock the hottest-selling toys, which can often be found at below average prices during Black Friday weekends.

But what exactly are the best deals on top toys for the coming year? We turned to Tech Insider’s e-commerce industry sources to tell us what the top toys for Christmas 2021 are going to be. Here are the top Black Friday deals for children in the form of what the experts predict kids will want in a few years.

Chimes: Harry Potter It looks like the child of Hagrid or Slytherin is in store for a special relationship with the Dark Lord. These little high notes have been found on top of many of the items in store for kids this year.

Marvel Infinity Station: Star Wars This set with its rotating effects and multiple room settings has been a runaway hit among children this holiday season, and could easily be used to build a makeshift lifeguard station or video game station.

Sing: Mickey Mouse The very birthday of Disney itself was a sugary treat for everyone on this year’s Black Friday deal pile. Sing, the singing toddler who first created a sensation on Instagram and YouTube last spring is the next generation of merchandising gold, according to Toys R Us.

Lego: Avengers This franchise-fueled set has been a popular sale toy since late last year. Get ready for a fireworks display of shared histories that fire some pretty heavy artillery when you sit down with this Avengers set.

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