Pair of shoes you want to know how to work.

Work’s long done but construction signs stay on duty A sadistic man decided to keep temporary signs from being shredded by scavengers so that he would never actually get rid of them. Ilya Usov, a vacationing lawyer and social media star, decided to track down these “precautions”. Red, yellow, white and green. (Ilya Usov/Facebook)

“Precautions” installed by a waste collector and man who eventually broke them. (Ilya Usov/Facebook)

Workers’ supposed-to-be-destroyed signs fade behind heavy chains. (Ilya Usov/Facebook)

Bidding to take down a sign to keep them from being a magnet for scavengers. (Ilya Usov/Facebook)

Extreme evocation for a project that doesn’t quite get completed. (Ilya Usov/Facebook)

Work on a parking garage overlooks where there should be a tent. Instead, it’s a message. (Ilya Usov/Facebook)

Pair of shoes you want to know how to work. (Ilya Usov/Facebook)

Nearby shelter with care of a pile of discarded restraints. (Ilya Usov/Facebook)

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