Oral B iO6 Professional electric toothbrush review – cheap deals

It’s been a fun week for cutting-edge dental technology, what with the onslaught of launches and new product launches from super-premium dentists’ markets. Another bit of must-have technology I want for my dental cabinet are the Oral B iO6 Professional electric toothbrushes, so here are my must-buy tech-friendly dental products from Black Friday 2017.

Oral B iO6 Professional electric toothbrush review

First, the deal. This toothbrush was available in its regular edition (Black and Glacier Silver) from Oral B for £119.99 at the end of November 2017, and has now disappeared from the website. However, over the weekend it is being discounted down to £67.99, that’s 67% off.

According to their disclaimer: “We have removed the Oral B iO6 Professional from sale, in response to the popularity of this item, we will be stocking this excellent product in standard. We have also removed this item from sale to reserve inventory and do not anticipate restocking iO6 Professional while stocks last.”

So there you have it, dental tech prices are always changing.

As with every very, very popular item, it probably won’t be available for very long and people will be able to log-in and get the discount and put it in their cart over the weekend, but if you haven’t got anything before then, it’s a great opportunity to get this brilliant toothbrush.

There are three additional designs available, including this cute unicorn version – check out the video for more details – and there’s also this gorgeous version in Pink Sparkle.

This is a gorgeously compact device, now that’s not to say it has a humongous brush head. The iO6 Professional is around 70mm wide by 18mm deep by 9mm high (I’m sure there is some manner of difference in width and depth between this and the actual size of these brushes, it is Oral B after all) and contains an ergonomic mini handle, which is great for people with long, or delicate, digits.

One very useful feature on this very small toothbrush is the Anti-Flyaway Charm which protects your teeth and reduces odour, so you don’t look like Sookie Stackhouse during a bonfire. It is designed to inhibit the flow of water from your mouth to the toothpaste, and as a result it doesn’t get in your teeth. Whether this actually helps in grinding, which is obviously associated with dental pain, I’m not entirely certain – I’ve just never been able to figure it out.

The iO6 Professional uses Bluetooth 4.1 technology, to connect to the Oral B Smart brush (£79.99) and iOS or Android smartphone apps (£9.99). These can send the brushing data to your smartphone and alert you with an audible tone or a vibration when the brushing sessions have completed.

The iO6 Professional also uses Sonic Motor technology, enabling any surface to be given the same super-scented brushing pressure as a traditional metal brush head. The machine was demonstrated to me at the London Dentists & Dentists Associations Conference on 17 November 2017, and was apparently extremely effective in getting clean teeth. There was even time to check out its smooth, flush-shaped tip for optimum polishing performance.

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