Horoscope: week beginning 1 December – as it happened

Saturn and Pluto are between 1,100 and 1,200 miles apart in Virgo. See the challenge on Tuesday.

Earth’s Sun is between Taurus and Capricorn. A late day on Monday.

Gemini’s Venus is between Serenity and Clarity in Sagittarius. Thursday evening, Friday, from 11pm through 2am.

Cancer’s Morning Star is toward Taurus from 1pm until 7pm on Thursday evening. Watch for a close encounter from Monday evening.

Leo’s Sun is between Scorpio and Pisces. A door that shuts as people gather together on Friday, Sunday, Monday.

Virgo’s Planet today is Mercury between Victory and Victory with the three stars near the center: Virgo, Virgo and Virgo. View it from Monday through 2am on Tuesday.

Libra’s Sun is between Gemini and Aquarius. A sweet day from 4pm until 2am on Friday.

Scorpio’s Sun is between Aquarius and Pisces. Sunday to Monday, see for yourself.

Sagittarius’ Morning Star is near Taurus. A beautiful day from 7pm until 3am, starting Monday.

Capricorn’s Morning Star is between Aries and Pisces. The three stars light up in the same place in the same color on Thursday evening.

Aquarius’ Morning Star is near Cancer. It’s a beautiful, romantic night from 11pm to 2am on Saturday, starting Monday.

Pisces’ Morning Star is between Taurus and Scorpio. All colors, all groups of stars shine in the same place in the same color on Monday.

Aries’ Morning Star is with Gemini and it’s a sweet, romantic night from 11pm to 2am, starting Monday.

Taurus’ Morning Star is with Aquarius and it’s a sweet, romantic night from 11pm to 2am starting Monday.

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