Currys Black Friday deals: what to buy

What’s in store: For a limited time only, Curry’s will sell the Apple iPad in black and silver model for £239. Check out our previous picks

Black Friday has officially come and gone – all the exciting and popular bargains have been snapped up. Until Curry’s runs its next sale, though, you can be your own Black Friday expert. Check out our tips on best deals here for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond. And I’ve picked out a selection of products I think will be particularly good value next year, from air fryers and coffee machines to home cinema and smart TV sets. Click through to page A1 for more details.

Smart TVs

Black Friday prices are pretty steep – but it’s still possible to save big on a few of the hottest sets. is a great deal-finding site that is active 365 days a year, but is extra useful in this case. It’s got a feed of all the best deals across the rest of the year. On this page, you can see the latest offers from the Curry’s Black Friday sale, which you can click through to your local store.

Amazon Fire TV

The latest Fire TV Stick will be on offer at a very tasty price – a saving of £20 – and you can get Black Friday discounts on Amazon’s smart TV set too.

Home cinema

Other than the high-definition TV of your dreams, what else should you buy? Curry’s is also updating its Signature Home Theatre range, offering a tantalising range of affordable monitors, TVs and speakers. Some prices are available while stocks last, so don’t wait!


Mondays are already tough enough without the added stress of bargains – this offer from Curry’s is a seriously tempting deal for PlayStation 4, with a reduction of £10 on the DualShock 4 controller.

Air fryers

Potted herbs and heat so you can prepare a healthy meal at the touch of a button (and monitor). Hose off your flights.

Cooling fan

Keeping your home cool is a key consideration in this day and age – and you might enjoy a double treat with this fan, which will retail at a very reasonable price: £32.99.

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