Girl gets naked, smashes soccer-ball-sized hole in cart of fellow golfers


Alessandra Buoninsegna

PALERMO, Italy — A member of the Italian Ladies Golf Association (IGA) rammed her club and club partner into a cart for two reasons: the club had fallen over on the second hole at Ponsardello Golf Course during a regular weekly meeting, and a total of three amateurs got a little carried away with the benefit of curious onlookers.

“There were members and new members and everyone was joking around,” said one of the revelers, Juliet Lucini, a 44-year-old-teller in Palermo, in an interview with Agence France-Presse. “One girl then removed her shirt and, I think, tried to (flush) it down the toilet.”

The woman, 51-year-old Tilda Razzano, got the most attention, then, when she hit the cart, a passerby ended up stepping in to help the man off the cart before police arrived to keep the fun going. The car was damaged but the drivers, Hans Richard Nøst and Christian Reich, are expected to be OK.

Razzano was arrested and will face charges of assault, multiple violations of club and personal rules and disorderly conduct. Her lawyer told AS newspaper that she plans to plead not guilty.

A lawyer for the club, Luigi Corona, said he didn’t think the incident was a joke and was troubled that the couple declined to accept their golf prizes. “It’s not even OK if you hit a gardener with a nail,” he said, AFP reported.

The golf association released a statement saying it was investigating the incident, and that members who hit carts might not get a prize next week.

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