Your secret weapon for rough and ready skin

Hydrating products are your secret weapon when you have seasonal and lifestyle changes. Here, some of our top picks, which will help to make dry skin look and feel extra-moisturised

Dry skin is all in the details. Just don’t spend too much on products that promise extra hydration – it’s only a myth. Your real weapon will be what you put into your skin. Here are some of our favourite moisturisers that deliver, focusing on the concentrated moisture factor that’s about to get you through the winter months.

Organic for women

Nourish daily body and face nourishing essential oils. £20.50, Natureology, 020-7925 8766

The golden thread – it’s been used by Anna Watson as an incentive to include certain species when feeding a ferret. This thick oil contains “30,000 key fast-radiating vitamins” and has beneficial omega oils and vitamins A, D and E.


Urban Decay Naked Skin Fusion Concentrate Organic Face Oil £59.50,

A relatively new concept, de-noising face oils using a natural, white-only formula instead of fragrant, fragrant oils. A multi-purpose, lightweight oil that feels natural and unrefined, ready to be shaken and used at home.


Dr Dennis Gross Honey Lemon Essentials Cleansing Soap Cleansing Gel £29.95,

Benjamin Franklin used beeswax and honey to keep his skin moisturised and free of petrochemicals. Dr Dennis Gross employs the same formula to create its purified, vegan version of this cleanser and moisturiser.


Natura Bissé Naturale Reviving Face Oil £38,

Deeply nourishing oil and butter blend to protect and give skin elasticity and shine. Available in a range of natural oils, including aloe vera.


Sandalwood Body Crème 0.66 micron/SPF20,

From coconut milk, to macadamia nut, to pumpkin, this, the most gentle crème available, is fantastically nourishing on the skin. Light peeling skin has similar results to soaking in a fruit juice, and works for the whole body.

Couverture White Stone £39.95,

One of the pioneers of the facial oils market, Couverture produces super-hydrating lipbobs and aromatherapy products to treat various skin ailments, including frizzy hair.

Original Supermoisturising mist 0.5m2/SPF20,

This organic, super-moisturising fragrance spray – and alternative to shaving gel – is enriched with pumpkin seed oil and magnolia flower. Made in bespoke formulas for rescue protocols in hospitals and medical clinics.

Cultured Rose Tequila Body Oil £18,

A uniquely pure fragrance that not only contains rose oil, but also peach, lemon, tea tree and citrus oils to deliver just the right amount of moisture to skin, and is infused with organic malabar leaves to offer a slightly floral, fragrant scent. The bottle even smells nice.

Translucent Palm oil from Peru, £25.25,

Translucent palm oil has a sweet, slightly medicinal aroma with a subtle patchouli and tonka bean backbeat to it – perfect for body care and cosmetic applications in areas that require colour, such as eyelashes and lip liners.

Readers recommend

The secret to silky dry skin is “a good night’s sleep, proper protein, fermented foods, and fermented vegetables and prebiotics to help fluff the skin”. Shaggy the Chatty Cat, 5968 Abbey St, Hants, Hants SO19 1PG

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