Killer Controversy: Which Holiday Tree Actually Says “Merry Christmas”?!

WATCH: New Yorkers Protest Brooklyn Nets ‘Racist’ Chinese Theme

Phil Keating and Ashley Killough were in Manhattan to check out new holiday windows at Macy’s in Herald Square.

The stores themselves are still one of the most spectacular places in New York City to shop and dine, they said.

But of course, they added, you can do all of this and be a sort of traitor to your community by spending your money in other towns and cities.

Kendall Jenner inked a deal with Macy’s to have her debut fragrance and makeup line launch there, which is said to be worth $150 million.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump’s brand is also selling merchandise at Macy’s, but that run ends in August of 2019.

She, too, is associated with her father’s presidency.

Watch the full segment above and see some of the incredible decorations around Manhattan.

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