Former FBI profiler Tom Fuentes on Elizabeth Holmes – Conflict of Interest

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Last Friday, government prosecutors claimed that Elizabeth Holmes had a conflict of interest in her company Theranos’s ethics practices.

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Asks former FBI profiler Tom Fuentes…

“Under Elizabeth Holmes own rules, she has no authority to decide whether you’re ethical, because Elizabeth Holmes has a conflict of interest. And she put that conflict of interest in her own rules and her own guidelines. And nobody stopped her because that’s what she wanted and who do you stop because she’s got a conflict of interest.”

…is there a way to separate the Holmes character from the science?

“Look, it sounds like a great story. So people expect her to succeed. So if you’ll just say ‘well Elizabeth Holmes, she’s our great Silicon Valley success story,’ OK, okay.”

Tom Fuentes, former special agent in charge of the FBI’s San Diego Division and former White House counter-terrorism official, joins Guy and Marie today on Get Up!

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