The Best Cyber Monday and Black Friday Deals, Right Now!

If you’re planning to head out to Black Friday mayhem next weekend, then you’ll be glad to know that there are tons of amazing Black Friday offers in the UK right now. The first “Cyber Weekend” sales have just kicked off over the past few days, and there are loads of discounts on TVs, mobile phones, drones, digital cameras, computers, games consoles and more. Now, before you get carried away with the scope of the Black Friday deals on offer in the U.S., UK retailers have been telegraphing the days sales ahead for months in advance. But we still have something to offer for you — though it probably isn’t on the same level as the deals across the pond!

Our featured Black Friday deals aren’t always the biggest or the best deals on Black Friday. They’re supposed to be guaranteed to be at the best prices for the duration of the sales, so we can get away with describing the discounts as “a bit of a cheat” (you can always get less than a 50 percent discount, by the way). But the prices and the savings are often way better than you’d expect from a day out in the traditional Black Friday madness.

We’re going to spend the rest of the week rounding up the best Black Friday 2018 deals from all over the world and here’s how to check out the ones we’ve listed. This guide is only an early warning — we’ll be posting more deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and at all times during the shopping season!

Most of the deals listed in this guide are now on sale and running until Cyber Monday. Don’t have an Amazon Prime or an app? Buy them from the Amazon website or download the Amazon App. Cyber Monday starts at midnight.

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Wannabe-hackers can scan the QR codes on the featured products to find out how much they’ll save each time you have a scan, or using the chart below, find out the exact item or product bundle and compare in seconds if you can’t decide between two similar offers.

Black Friday 2017 — the Day After

Best Black Friday Deals From a portal to buy whatever you can dream up on Amazon in just the right shade of teal and even styled-out Amazon Trending Gray.

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