New coronavirus kills 5, while Americans awaiting test results of novel virus

Midway through President Trump’s budget proposal, which asked for a 5.6 percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency budget, oil and stocks dropped sharply.

On Your Side medical correspondent Dr. Karen Davis told our Jennifer Griffin there is a new variant of the coronavirus that has now killed five people in Saudi Arabia. Dr. Davis said that while it can be dangerous in people, it’s also often deadly to horses.

This week after reports from the Saudi Arabia Health Ministry said five new coronavirus deaths from the disease — in addition to 12 recorded earlier this month in the country — it brought the death toll to a total of 20 people.

Meanwhile, experts and officials in the Saudi state say they are monitoring the situation closely.

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In a separate update on the new coronavirus, Houston–based health care operator Presbyterian Healthcare Services announced it plans to end a contract with Spain-based El Hormiguero Hidrodei to care for an aging Catholic priest who had recently been diagnosed with the respiratory illness.

The death toll from the coronavirus has reached 20. In February, a Baltimore man was also confirmed as a victim.

No person has yet been infected with the new strain of coronavirus in the United States.

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