Champion of walking: Copenhagen opens new 1,500-station metro system

A network of 1,500 new underground stations has been officially opened in Copenhagen, transforming the Danish capital into a metro you’ll want to walk to.

The city’s skyline was transformed when the Aarhus 8 line opened at 7am this morning, with a boom of breaking glass heralding the process. It will initially run from Aarhus town centre to the centre, reaching a total of 7.7km of subterranean tracks.

The new stations include the Ljungrup station, which looks on to the town’s church spire, and the BergeVikings station, a sweeping arch made of more than 300,000 cable-staves.

The Aurora tram station was also inaugurated this morning. It has eight underground stops, serving at least 47 stations, to provide travellers with direct service to Aarhus town centre, the city’s ITI submarine cable terminal and Aarhus airport.

The new train routes with the Aurora station. Photograph: Frederik Pfefferkorn/EPA

The new lines would cover about 70% of the Danish capital’s daily ridership. Transportation in Copenhagen is a particularly walkable city, with some 61% of the population living within a 10-minute walk of a walkable area.

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