Do you recognise the gender divide?

England has 5.6 million lower-skilled men; no such gender gap exists for the better-skilled higher-skilled men.

Women are five times more likely to have a job in low-skilled (below £17,050) jobs, and men just twice as likely to have a job in the same jobs.

Women are nearly four times more likely to take on unpaid work than men, and just about twice as likely to be paid less than a similar level of work (and around 90 percent more likely to be paid the minimum wage).

Men are 73 percent more likely to be in a social club, compared to women, and 64 percent more likely to play a sport.

While in the UK “most working women are reliant on income from childcare to make ends meet” (social care is provided by local councils), the implication is that “most working men are relying on income from a paid job to make ends meet”. In practical terms, this means women “move to where jobs are, and the majority of them work in jobs that are traditionally (and still) male-dominated”, whereas men “stay put where jobs are, and are most likely to work in male-dominated jobs”, again in practical terms.

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