British Columbia floods, the latest news – 12 May 2018

British Columbia is dealing with significant flooding, with officials warning of more rain on the way. A tornado struck the area on Wednesday. Local residents are getting some relief and support for their effort to rebuild from the flood – donations are being taken online.

More than 40 people in Vancouver have been displaced and emergency services are on hand to help out.

The Canadian province of British Columbia has a population of more than 5 million people, with a GDP of more than $270 billion.

In 2011, a crippling ice storm in British Columbia caused tens of billions of dollars in damages. More than $10 billion was spent on damage recovery at the time, but nearly a decade later, there are still $55 million worth of changes on the way.

As for the flood relief, the Canadian Red Cross is working with local authorities to ensure those affected are given shelter, food and basic supplies.

Financial contributions can be made by phone at 888-652-7709 or online at

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