This product will make your next party an Instagram star.

A Generous Gift When a Significant Other “Likes” Something on Facebook, it can mean a lot: The fraction-of-a-second that an ill will is shared is meaningless if the perceived slights are inflicted on a cherished photo from a cousin’s wedding. Enter a gift that lets your loved one deliver a killer burn with a simple post: TV in the Cloud, one of many new pieces that will remove the barriers between you and Facebook’s entertainment playlists and posts. From the sublime to the ridiculous, TV in the Cloud brings the family TV right to their phone, opening up all the fun of Netflix, Hulu, and other apps, while letting them watch recorded programs remotely. (Out of high-def in 1080p with HDR, your bill’s only about a third of it.) The cleverly designed iOS app also lets you manage parental controls, review photos, and list favorites. The monthly subscription comes with free hardware: an HDMI cable, mobile app, and online login. If your intended targets are impatient, pre-load the app with streaming media options to enjoy together. TV in the Cloud is available through RadioShack, GameStop, Home Depot, Microsoft, Samsung, Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, and other online retailers for $8 per month through major carriers; pre-ordering through Google Play and iTunes is $13.

A Love Letter From a Ghost The great masters of optical illusions are Clare Thwaites, J. Alex McInnes, Agnès Varda, and many others. What really makes these marvels of projection, photography, and experimentation (among others) are the tokens: People, political posters, products, mood boards. In “Letter From the Heart,” the artist Thwaites transforms these cherished mementos into something else entirely. Using a series of unusual interactive elements, “Letter” turns vignettes into a huge, completely unexpected canvas that make the originals seem all the more precious. —Jem Aswad, WireImage

A Space Addict Remote Control Whether you’re chasing around your train on the train platform, waiting in line at that stop over the express, or walking through a busy city, the humble personal digital control from Tado is a snap. It simply senses when a window is open, or you’re switching rooms, or walking around the office. After a battery charge, the device will alert you of changes to your heating or cooling system, automatically dimming the lights before bedtime, and of the future change. It looks like any smartphone, it can control most any room, and you can control it by voice. The only caveat is that the company didn’t unveil many specs of these useful thermostats, so you’ll want to buy just the one, to test the plug-in room for energy efficiency. The smart houses are to be expected in 2020, but these are the only examples available to retailers now.The least expensive model is $249 and the most expensive model costs $379. Price can be converted to pounds at current exchange rates.

A Handy Product For Family Tissues Everywhere Between “Will You Marry Me?” to “Marriage and Divorce,” the telephone was our family hotline. Did my brother miss my call? Should I call him back? However bad, however chaotic or hilarious, a family member is always right there to take us through those tricky family call times. While there are plenty of good ones available to consumers, there is a very special one that makes it easier than ever to keep a phone line open. Via a team of incredibly cute developers, Tommpig now allows you to remove time and distance from phone calls; you can have them answer the phone from your desk, your shower, your bathroom. For $29 a month.

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