5 Tech Tech Gifts That Aren’t Gadgets

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Here are some great tech gifts that aren’t gadgets:

1. Drawer Borrower Boden: This not-a-nook is priced at $80 and shipped worldwide. It’s just like the freestanding classic “Boden” desk with a space for storage. But, on a desk made from walnut and with scroll wheels.

2. Wandry: This fun device sets up with another app and uses Bluetooth to translate and display hand gestures. No more flashing screens for a moment or two.

3. Ergo Collection: This might not be tech, but if you’re a tech home decor store, it’s an upgrade from the couch (it’s available at Target)

4. Hashtag Legos: This set up is sorted on Amazon so you can sort by hashtag. And, five features of “lego” in one place.

5. Bodhi Blankie: I’ll admit this isn’t tech, but it is sure to feel good on a chilly night. It’s an oversized hoodie that changes color with the season.

(Thanks to Nicole Casta)

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