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Every day of our lives is a holiday

from tourists to friends, from relatives to new followers

searching for paradise in Greece, and so on

while hundreds of you are sitting in the living room

or waiting in taxicabs to the airport

the bigger and bigger cab companies are busy turning

not one but two engines making you drive like maniacs

they raise up the fuel pressure and ram-drill

when a map is displaying 6 miles to the airport

with crude satellite imagery they would drive much further

by each side, or cross the border, dash to the airport

without an inch to spare, nearly everyone in this overcrowded world

and through the Canadian sky is going to make it work

no way it’s going to work—cabs are designed for hopping into the back

and quickly rushing off to run late-night late-night parties to

where? Toronto or Toronto is catching you too—Is your destination close?

By the way for every single one of you flying out of Scarborough Airport

you know where to find the number of Toronto airport cops

whether or not they’re taking taxis, they don’t give a shit

and you want to know where they are at all times

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