Story by Stephanie Minard: ‘Our apartment has tiny windows’

We wanted to produce our first episode with just four guests, but the two of us who live next door were only able to attend for a couple of days in the middle of the month. My room is messy.

When I first found this notebook I never realized I had one. The second I started looking at it, I was surprised. I imagined myself living in an episode of The Office – the kind of well-ordered, neat apartment with a maid’s corner. But there’s a problem: there’s nothing to tidy in my apartment. There’s no one to pay the maid. My roommate/writing partner/web editor is staying because we’re from the same town. You can follow our adventure on Twitter @AWSFromNBC: @SWWhileFriends. You can watch our podcast at @NPRNPRBreakfastBreak.

I went to New York’s Public Library to try to record a podcast’s worth of stories in my apartment, but they said that my desk wasn’t the appropriate spot to record. I discovered you need to capture audio from your bed or coffee table, either of which I do. They all said that my apartment had tiny windows or no outside space, but I checked out a neighboring one that had windows and a generous garden.

No matter where I turned around I was either in my living room or trying to find my apartment.

Story by Stephanie Minard, sound and editing by Alex Meacham

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