From construction workers to racecar drivers

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High-stakes stunts at high speeds: it’s a formula that has kept the men in racing titles for decades. But two young women competing in the sport are doing something about it.

Alyssa Lauer, 18, competes in a section of three races named ISC USA series to see who can prove themselves the most adept driver in the off-road racing scene. But her name is being linked to something else for the first time — company spokesperson.

As a member of the men’s adaptive racing program at the Colorado State University, she uses her racing to prove that girls can be competitive, at just the right time. The her work of empowerment is well reflected in her face and image, according to the company.

“Alyssa is amazing. We named her our brand ambassador for two reasons: that we need her to help us create awareness for alternative female-driven programming, and because Alyssa is such a dynamic individual who clearly has the potential to make a big impact in the racing community,” according to Megan Fitzgerald, general manager of eschar.

“Her competitive spirit shines through as her mission statement is simple: ‘to empower young women into one of the fastest growing sports in the world.”

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